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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

I Feel So Bass Tab

Box Car Racer - I Feel So

Tabber - Michael Dixon
Instrument - Bass

This hasnt got the bass tab on this site. So ive gave it a shot. Its a 100% right to my ear but if u spot
any mistakes tell me to the email address below!

Main Riff

G	-----------------|-----------------|
D	-----------------|-----------------|
A	-------------5555|-------------5555|	played numerous times throughout the song
E	0-333--0-333-----|-0-333-0-333-----|
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(The bass doesnt come in until the second part)

G	--------|--------|
D	--------|--------|
A	--------|--------| This is played twice each time
E	33---22-|-00---22|


G	----------|-----------|-----------|------------|
D	----------|-----------|-----------|------------|
A	----------|-----------|-----------|------------|
E	555555555-|-544444444-|-422222222-|-244444444-4|

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