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Date: 13 Apr 98 18:14:58 -0700
From: "Parker Lord" 
Subject: b/box_set/

# Back in Amsterdam, Performed by Box Set
# Transcribed by Parker Lord
# Comments to:
{t:Back in Amsterdam}
{st:Box Set}

Capo 4

[G]When I a[C]woke on Friday [C]Mor[D]ning
[G]I couldn't get the [C]airplanes from my [G]head [D]
[G]I held my [C]baby a little [G]closer
And [D]spent the day in [G]bed [C] [G] [D]

[G]I laid there [C]thinkin bought to[G]mor[D]row's
[G]All the goods I [C]need and all I [G]have [D]
[G]Something's [C]bound to make or [G]break me
[D]Back in A[C]mster[G]dam  [D]
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[Em]Will you [D]bathe me in a [Am]chest of Spanish [D]gold
Or [Em]tear away the [D]promise from the [Am]miners only [D]soul
[Em]Spin the whell of [D]fortune risking [Am]everything I [D]am
[Em]All or nothing [D]back in Amster[C]dam
Whoa [D]no, Back in Amster[G]dam [C] [G] [D]

[G] [C] [G] [D]

[G]We're on the [C]busk forever [G]af[D]ter
[G]Pass the hat a[C]round the blond ca[G]fes  [D]
[G]Every terrace [C]ringing with the [C]laughter
The [D]organ grinder [G]made [C] [D]

[G]Play to Vondel [C]Park on every [G]Sunday [D]
[G]Sing enought to [C]slepp my only [G]plan [D]
[G]Allaround the [C]rivers over[G]flowing [D]
[D]Back in Ams[G]ter[C]dam [G] [D]

[Em]Will your [D]forces fall a [Am]fortune in my [D]hand
Or [Em]lurk around the [D]corner changing [Am]passion to de[D]mand
[Em]Spin the wheel of [D]fortune risking [Am]everything I [D]am
[Em]Run the river [D]back in Amster[C]dam
Whoa [D]no, Back in Amster[G]dam [C] [G] [D]

[Em]There's life around the [D]corner, sometimes life just [Am]dissappears
like romance in the married [D]years
[Em]I fear the bread and [D]roses, a settled life would [Am]offer me
So take me where I [D]long to be back in Amster[G]dam  [C]

[G] No No [D]No No in Amster[G]dam [C]
[G]Take me where I [D]want to be [G]   [C]
[G]Lo Lo No [D]No in Amster[G]dam  [C]
[G]Oh take me back, Jim

Solo out to G C G D