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Version: 5 Type: Bass Tab

Elevator Bass Tab

Tabber; Cliffdiver
Date;   10-5-09

In My Opinion This Is The Best Song On The Record, Its About Those People
Falling Out Of The World Trade Center During 9/11.

(Bassline 1. x4)(0.18)
G}-------------------}        G}-------------------}  Which Ever You
D}-------------------}   OR   D}-------------------}  Prefer
A}00000000.----------}        A}-------------------}
E}----------3.-3.----}        E}55555555.-3.-3.----}
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(Bassline 1. x6)(1.01)
(Bassline 1. x6)(1.42)
G}-----------------------------------}   Again You Can Swap The 
D}-----------------------------------}   A}0--} For  E}5--}
E}--------33333333----------3.-3.----}   Beacuse It Is The Same 

Bass Just Stops Soon After The 
Violin And Shit Come In.

Im Doing The Whole Record So Stick Around....