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Belgium Acoustic Chords

Song: Hidden Track (Belgium Acoustic)
Artist: Bowling For Soup
Album: Drunk Enough To Dance
Track: 28
Track length: 4.45
Tabbed by:
Tuning: Standard

   G       D       C     Esus4     Am


If you take of the third fret in the Esus4 chord, to make it into Em in parts, it sounds 
Listen to the song to find where.

[Verse 1]

G        D
Lately I feel so small
   C               Esus4
Or maybe it's just that my bed has grown
G               D             C
I never noticed it before but you were there
   Esus4        Am
So how was I to know

That this single bed
    G                D
was always meant for two
Am       C
not just anyone
G               D        G
it was meant for me and you
[ Tab from: ]
               D                   C
and now you're halfway around the world
         Esus4        G
and I'm just a day behind
       D                 C
Nothin seems to fill the hole
             Esus4            G
That I have since you left my side
              D             C
You'll always be my little girl
          Esus4            G
Though I can't hold you tonight

               D                 C
And now you're halfway round the world
         Esus4        G   C   D   Esus4
And I'm just a day behind

[Verse 2]

G         D
I wake up in the night
  C               Esus4                G
I turn around and find that you're not there
               D                    C
I just like to watch you sleep and lay by you
  Esus4            G
I love to feel you near
I think I'm going crazy
C            Esus4            G
Everyday confusion starts to grow
I never noticed it before
    C                 Esus4         G
But you were there so how was I to know

Use these chords for the rest of the song. It's a pretty cool song, good for parties and 
I think its about right, but there's a lot of extra stuff in the background which I