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Born Free Tab

Band: Bouncing Souls
Song: Born Free
Album: Anchors Away

Here are the odd chords in this song:
  G/B F#/Bb gii f#ii eii bii aii
A--2---1----10--9----7---14--12|just in case I write these differently

Verse 1:
D                                     A
Fear is in the air, that's where they want it to be
D                                         A
Don't trust your friends, your neighboors, everyone's your enemy
D                  A      D                     A
Kidnapped children on TV, Fear runs through the family

Prechorus 1:
  G/B, F#/Bb  A                    
           They put a chip in your arm,
G/B, F#/Bb  A      
           Keeping track of where you are!
                gii            f#ii   eii      D
           With all of this technology have we come so far?
                gii         f#ii,eii D              A
           It's easy to get lost     forget who you are

    gii    f#ii eii    D
But don't forget  that you were born free,
          gii         f#ii eii      D      F#    E
Better to die on your feet then to live on your knees
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Verse 2:
D                          A
People are so greedy, it's almost funny
D                      A
How many ways can they ruin lives for money?
D                           A
I see no choice to enjoy the truth in life
D                         A
In the middle of all this deciet and strife

Prechorus 2:
G/B, F#/Bb     A
            A nation's future stands in doubt
G/B, F#/Bb     A
            Peace and love are on their way out
gii,f#ii,eii D
            Why can't they just let me be?
gii,f#ii,eii D             A
             How I live is up to me

Repeat Chorus

Bridge Riff:

Bridge: ()=root notes played with riff
(B)        (A)             (D) (G) (B)  (A)             (D) (G)
We get the message loud and clear, we refuse to live in fear
B          A                D    G  bii  aii             D
We get the message loud and clear!! We refuse to live in fear!!!

This song rocks!! I'm sure this right but in the verses there could be f#'s in
between the D's and A's, but it could just be the bass too.  Email me for corrections
and requests and go to my band's site,