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Beautiful Chords

        C(Dm#)                           Am(C#)
I do believe in fake is that`s how we`ve met  
       F(G#)                     G(B)
It was raining and we were so can wet
              Em(Gm)             Dm(Fm)
You took the last of cabs on the empty street
          F(G#)                           G(B)
And you smiled on me and sayed :-"Take a sit!"
I sayed :-"Do you believe in love at first sight?
"You sayed :-"If you give me a reason,i might."
I care when your hair is wet,and you close our maize
And you make a bustle on your face
Chorus:              Am(Cm)
And still you`re so beautiful 
    F(G#)         Dm(Fm)
So sweet and just adorable
G(B)       Am(Cm) 
You are a miracle
F(G#)       Dm(Fm)  G(B)
Simply    stable
You are so beautiful
So sweet and just adorable
You are the finest thing i`ve ever dreamed of

There is been seven years when nothing a day
Since we`ve met and i`m so happy to say
To tell where we mere a life and dedicate our lifes
To the pressurest things we have per love
So now i`m standing here where just it began
In a black tax where you told me to wear
And when you walking in the amasing thing
You take my breath away, `cose you are so...
The reacher and poorer
Till deaf there was part
In sicknessing health you are always in my heart
Till the day when we old and grey
I will cherish you,love you,
And merryly kind a way
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