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Hummingbird Chords & Tabs

Born Ruffians Chords & Tabs

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Hummingbird Tab

The whole song I think is fairly simple just listen to where you think the chords 
changes are and you'll hear it pretty clearly. The tabbed parts I did by ear and think they 
are accurate. Enjoy.
() = optional lead in note
* = Bend

Intro/Recurring Riff:

Pre-Chorus piece/Recurring Riff:
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-15---------            -15---------------------|
---15-------            ----15----16*-----------|
------16---- and then   ------------------------|
------------            --------17----17--------|
------------            ------------------------|
------------            ------------------------|

The grass & the daisies
        Em                        B
Think a lot more of the days than you
& You're you

The walls of the maze
Know the will more than the way than you
& You're just you

The buttons on my phone
Know I hate to be alone
When I dial, I'm in denial

But now at least I know
Where it is I have to go
I need supplies before I arrive

"You're running down my thigh," she said
"He's such a wonderful guy," she said

"There's pride in wanting to die,
I think I'll give it a try," she said

"I can't make it on my own
& It's so hard to be alone
When I die
I'll be alright,"

& Now at least she knows
Where it is she has to go
She'll need supplies before she arrives

We're not gonna die like this