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Neon Heart - Boomtown Rats
From "Boomtown Rats" (1977)
Transcribed by Jeremy Diringer hyena_on_crack(at)
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Sorry for posting this then taking it away. I've added song
and contact info, and made a couple corrections.

G5  G5  G5 D5|F5  F5  C5 Bb5|G5  G5  G5 D5|F5  Bb5  C5

|:G5   D5|F5  C5 Bb5|G5   D5|F5  Bb5 C5:|
Life pours down into the neon heart (It's late at night) 
Cement City is all a-spark (Yeah that's right) 
The whores are loose and the dames are abroad (My pants are tight) 
There's a price on their hearts you can't fail to afford.  

Drink to the bitch and we'll dance for a while  
If you can't do the module than you'll have to try the slide  
It was all cool enough if you had the zazz  
The night was still young and it was all we had   
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|:G5   D5|F5  C5 Bb5|G5   D5|F5  Bb5 C5:|
I picked her up at the bar that night (What did you do) 
I took her home she didn't put up a fight (What did you do) 
She was real good-lookin' but she wasn't too bright (So what's new) 
We locked the curtains and then put out the night   

I was fighting to maintain my cool  
I walked the thin line between animal and fool  
'Til I felt her hand in mine and said "You're wrong about me" 
"I'm a boy from a good family" I told her   

|:A5   C5|  G5  F5 G5:| (7 times):
Last time thru: |A5   C5|E5      | 

|:G5   D5|F5  C5 Bb5|G5   D5|F5  Bb5 C5:|
The juke box played an out-of-time tune (So what's new) 
Made Tricia cry, oh her mascara was ruined (So what's new) 
She looked such a sight, the sorrowful bitch (What did she do) 
She rushed to the bathroom and she slashed both her wrists   

Everybody screamed and roared for more  
Lonestar Angels shouting "Encore" 
Time was the enemy, we had to kill it dead  
The clock kept creeping round so we went to bed instead.  

|:A5   C5|  G5  F5 G5:| (with vocal ad lib, 'til fade)