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You Chords

Ok So this is from the duet Bonnie Raitt and Allison Krauss
I am sure there are some mistakes and I apologize ahead of time

Also My first tab hope i did it right.

()CAPO 2

INTRO:  (A)  (G)   (D)   2X

(A)          (G)             (D)  
 Nobody else can make me happy
(A)            (G)            (D)      
 No one could hurt me like you do
(A)             (G)             (D)
 You were the only one that mattered
(Bm)                   (D)  
 Then you were gone, Love had moved on
(G)                           (A)   
 Left me alone, Thinking of you, 
           (D)             (G)           
 There was never any other
(A)               (D)              (G) (G/F#) (Em) (D)
 You and I were created to dream

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(A)          (G)                  (D)  
 Isn't it love that keeps us breathing
(A)          (G)                   (D)
 Isn't it love we're sent here for
(A)            (G)             (D)  
 Wasn't that love we were feeling
(Bm)                (D)
 Deep in our soul, deeper than we know
(G)                          (A)      
 Keepin' me whole, out for you
           (D)               (G)    
 There was never any question
(A)           (D)          (G)   (G/F#)  (Em)  (D) 
 You are forever in my mind

(A)                (D)               (G)
 You and me were meant to be together
(A)                 (D)                   (G)   (G/F#)  (Em)  (D)
 True hearts in a world where love is dyin’
(C)               (G)
 And I might as well have been dyin’ when
(C)          (Em)
 We were apart
(A)              (D)               (G)       (G/F#) (Em)     (D)          
 When you came back I felt the beating of  my heart

BREAK:  (A)  (D)  (G)   (A)  (D)  (G)  (G/F#)  (Em)  (D) 

(A)                (D)          (G)
 You...there was never any question
(A)          (D)             (G)   (G/F#)  (Em)  (D) 
 You’ll be forever on my mind
(A)                   (D)               (G)
 You and I, we were meant to be together
(A)   (D)  (G) (G/F#) (Em) 
        (D)      (A)      (D)        (G)   (G/F#)  (Em)   
 It was always you...yeah babe
    (D)     (A)    (D)  (G)  (G/F#) (Em)    (A)   (D) 
 ..always you