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                             RIDER - Bonnie Prince Billy
Tabbed by: bengtaaron

From the album 'Joya'

Tuning: Standard (Capo 1)

G  Bm
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G               Bm
High high all night now
G                        Bm
My eyes bugged out and I'm down on the couch
G                           Bm
Lady's got a box pressed into my face
D                           A
And a belt of beads draped around her waist

I flex my neck and lose my sight
See the stars dropping out alright
Clouds and nebulae making noises
And constellations in erotic poises

G                  Bm   
Cold in space and fingers long
A                     G       D
Between the ears a synapse is wrong
G                       Bm
Clicked apart and's all it can be
D                          A           G
The last the last you'll see of the leaves