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No Bad News Chords

I wasn't able to find any tab for this gorgeous tune, so I tried to come up with 
... I hope this triggers some more accurate tabs of this song. Corrections are of course also 

Trouble, more trouble can you get anymore
Slow bubble boiling on the bedroom floor
Lonely ain't lonely, someone calling at the door
        D                             Em
Someone lovely and she's bringing bad news

She clenches and she cries and she lays on the stairs
Pounding on the earth and yanking at her hairs
And showing such fear at being found unawares
      D                        Em
To be here and be bringing bad news
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      D                           Em
Well, something bad happens and a lot of people go
        D                           Em
Bad themselves, that's how awful it is
D                           Em
Turning half the heart into something hard and dark
    D                     Em
And she had to bring here this

Well, she's told,  Hold your buttons and look at the sky
Someone will fix things if you let your face dry
Keep your face near the earth and your heart beat high
And you may transcend the bad news 


    D               Em
For all hammers and nails
    D              Em
For all leaves and winds
    Am          B7
For all love ambitions
    F           E       D  Am
And enemies and friends

She shakes her face so fiercely that all her features go
She lays like a monkey unclothed in the snow
And her voice it decays and before it does she goes,
 I will never again deliver bad news 


Mm, hey little bird  hey little bird
              F#                        F#7
Thank you for not letting go of me when I let go of you
Hey little bird  hey little bird
Thank you for not letting go of me when I let go of you
(Hey little bird  hey little bird)
Thank you for not (letting go of me when I let go of you)