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Ill Be Glad Chords

Bonnie "Prince" Billy cover of Shannon Stephens song

Capo II
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D            A
I'll go anywhere that you do
    Bm           A      Bm
and if you don't go before
lord I don't want to go
without you anymore
D             A
meet me in a pillar of fire
Bm               A         Bm
shade me with a big white cloud
G          A
lord wherever you go
       Bm           A  D
you'll always have me around

you will give my body rest
and never let me thirst
so I'm not going anywhere
if you don't go there first
when I see you beckoning me
that's how I'll know
lord following your lead
is the only way I'll go

D                  A
when you get your flock together
Bm          A   Bm
please take me along
lord I'm too weak to travel
I'll be glad you're strong
                       D A Bm G A D
and I'll lean on your arm