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Cycles Chords

[C] [Em] [F] [G]

[C]             [Em]
So I'm down and so I'm out
    [F]         [G]
But so are many others.
[C]            [Em]
So I feel like tryin' to hide
   [F]               [G]
My head 'neath these covers.
[F]              [C]
Life is like the seasons,
      [F]    [C]       [G]
After winter comes the spring.
[C]               [Em]  
So I'll keep this smile awhile
    [F]        [G]           [C]
And see what tomorrow brings.

[Em] [F] [G]
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[C]               [Em]
I've been told and I believe
     [F]               [G]
That life is meant for livin'.
[C]             [Em]
So even when my chips are low
      [F]                   [G]     
There's still some left for givin'.
[F]           [C] 
I've been many places
      [F]    [C]    [G]
Maybe not as far as you.
[C]             [Em]
So I think I'll stay awhile
    [F]    [G]              [C]
And see if some dreams come true.

[Em] [F] [G]

[F]                   [C]
There isn't much that I have learned
[F]                    [C]
Through all my foolish years
[F]                    [C]
Except that life keeps running in cycles.
[F]                   [Am]         [G]
First there's laughter, then those tears.

[C]              [Em]
But I'll keep my head up high
   [F]               [G]
Although I'm kind of tired.
   [C]             [Em]
My gal just up and left last week
    [F]          [G] 
And Friday I got fired.
[C]                   [Em]
You know, it's almost funny
    [F]                         [G]
But things can't get worse than now.
   [C]                    [Em]
So I'll keep on tryin' to sing
    [F]          [G]
But please, just don't ask me how.

[C] [Em] [F] [G]