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Sunny Chords

                          Sunny by Boney M

              written by Soney 1o Stahr

 That's a really nice song. But it's a little bit difficult to play it. I wrote it a 
as the original.

 Cm7    (3-3-5-3-4-3)-|
 G7    (3-5-3-4-3-3)--|
 Gsus2 (3-5-3-5-3-3)--|
 Ab9   (x-x-6-5-4-3)--|
 Eb9   (x-6-5-6-6-6)--|
 Db9   (x-4-3-4-4-4)--|

  Cm        Eb9               Ab9                            Gsus2        G7
1.Sunny,         yesterday my life was filled with rain

  Cm        Eb9                       Ab9
  Sunny,         you smilde at me and really eased the pain  Gsus2        G7

  G7      Cm                         Eb9
  Now the dark days are done and the bright days are here
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  Ab9                  Db9
  my sunny once shines so sincere

  Gsus2        G7            Cm      *
  sunny one so true I love you

  * you can it play so or like  |Gsus2      G7|


  or you can use it like an Intro

2.Sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet

  Sunny, thank you for the facts from A to Z

  You gave it to me your all and all

  now I feel ten feet tall

  Sunny one so true Ilove you

  When you need more write it down