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Beach Baby Chords

From the EP "Blood Bank".

C/G   332010
F     133211
Em+5  022010
Am    x02210
Am/G  3x2210
D9/F# 2x0210

As with Version 1, a dash after a chord (e.g C/G-) means that it plays for a full bar of 6/8. 
If there's no dash, the chord only plays for 3 beats.

Listen to the recording for the exact rhythms.


C/G-  F     Em+5-
C/G-  Em+5-
Am    F     C/G-  Em+5-
Am    Am/G  

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C/G                        F          Em+5
When you're out, tell your lucky one 
C/G                   Em+5
To know that you'll leave.
Am                               F     C/G
But don't you lock when you're fleeing
Em+5                    Am    Am/G
I'd like not to hear keys


C/G                  F           Em+5
Only hold till your coffee warms,
C/G                    Em+5
But don't hurry and speed.
Am     F           C/G    Em+5
One a time put a tongue 
                     Am    Am/G
In your ear on the beach
F                         Am     Am/G    D9/F#    F     Em+5
And you clutched kicking heels---------------------

The slide guitar outro has the same chord progression as Verse 2.