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You Still Believe In Me Chords

band:bomb the music industry
song:you still believe in me?

noticed no one had a tab for this one

chourds used: G Em Am C D C# D# Em5 D5 C5 C#5    Em5 x799
                                                 D5  x577
intro:G Em Am C Em D G C                         C5  x355
                                                 C#5 x466
                                                 D#  x688
  G                              Em
I came in from the storm and the television's on.
Am          C     Em            D
Celebrities enact fictionalized tales.
             G           C
How could my boring life compete?

  G                            go into the ska beat
I thought about the drugs,
    Em5                           D5        
how I thought they fixed my brain until I was in the dark
rattling containers, scribbling garbage to myself:

       G                          Em
I need constant attention of else I'm gonna get distracted
                Am                        C
but even if you tell me something I can't guarantee I'm listening.

I hear "BA BA BA BA BA"  solo thing e---------------------------------12-14-
                                    B -15-17-13-15-12-10-8-10-12-13-15------

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     G                        Em
I've never been in love but I saw Brian Wilson once.
      Am                     C    Em       D                G
I was drunk and screamed too loud over the falsetto in "You Still Believe 
in Me."

    G                           Em
And I thought about the way his catastrophes could make everything okay
        Am               C        Em            D                G
Until I watched the fire fade and former dayglo embers turned to ashy greys 
and blacks.
    Em               D                 G               C
One exhausted triple encore, unplugged bass around his neck.
       Em               D                      G      C
I know fires don't last forever, but I need to find a match because these 
days, fuck, I'm tired.
I used to be an awesome listener.
               Am                                  C
But now I just drift and out or get pulled away by beats and measures
                                Em                         C
like I don' t have a choice but failure and running from a brighter future.

                   Em                 D                  G
It's never take me back never take me back never take me back 'cause I'm 
not sorry  x3

    D5                           D#5
For all the times I ran away or wasted my vacation days.
     Em5       D#5      D     C#5       C5
It's something I  can't bring myself to say

chours1 x1 w/ out solo

Chours2 x1 w/ out "it never took me back..

"for all the times i ran away"x1

hope this helps best song on adults i play it almost every day now