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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 97 23:30:34 CST
From: Ben Weiss 
Subject: Revised CRD: Boiled in Lead, "Army (Dream Song)"

"Army (Dream Song)"
Boiled in Lead
Album: _Orb_
Words and music: Todd Menton

INTRO (single strokes): D D  Em G F#m F#m  D Em G F#m F#m  F#m Bm A
                        D D  Em G F#m F#m  D Em G F#m (full measure)
                           Em (full measure)
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      D         Em       G      F#m
In my dream I'm suddenly in the army
        Em   G       F#m
And the army life is good
        Bm            A
But I'm ankle deep in blood
     D       Em      G      F#m
So I went to see the quartermaster
        Em     G      F#m
And the quartermaster said
      F#m             Em
"Your socks are awful red"

I found the master sergeant
I said "Sergeant, I am hurting
I'm considering deserting."
He said "Do whatever's in your conscience"
So I tried to make a run
But I was stapled to the gun

                D           Em       G        F#m
CHORUS: And the cannon were lined up all in a line
        G        F#m
        Dark and cold
             G                       F#m
        They aimed them all straight upward
            Em      D
        And thunder rolled


I found the first lieutenant
He said "God, they're going to bomb us
>From their vicious flying llamas!"
I dove into the llama shelter
I became Charlotte Cordet
And the battle fell away

But the peace that reigned in Upper Dreamland
Was badly negated
When the giant slugs invaded
I turned to face my fine young officers
I was barking out my orders
When they crashed across the borders


Repeat intro chords, end on D