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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Lets Do Rocksteady Bass Tab

Song: Let's Do Rocksteady
Artist: The Bodysnatchers
Tabbed by: Iisaw Kookostawis  (

These comprise the whole song, listen to a recording to get the timing
right. I've put the playing-order below. 

riff 1a.                        riff 1b.
G:-------------------------     G:--3--3--3------3--------
D:--3--3--3------3---------     D:------------------5--3--
A:------------------5--3---     A:------------------------
E:-------------------------     E:------------------------

riff 1c.

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riff 2a.                        riff 2b. 
G:-------------------------     G:-----------------------
D:--3--3-------------------     D:--3--3-----------------
A:--------5--3--0--3--5----     A:--------5--3--0--3--5--
E:-------------------------     E:-----------------------

Orders of playing:

the intro is 
riff 1a (x2)

the general round of verse is
riff 1a (x4)
riff 1b (x2)
riff 1a (x2)
riff 1c (x2)
riff 1a (x2)

this repeats for most of song (five times?), then there is a shift to 
riff 2a (x4)
riff 2b (x2)
riff 2a (x2)
riff 1c (x2)
riff 1a (x2)
...that is for a moment riff 2a is substituted for 1a and likewise
with 2b for 1b. 

then the rest is back to normal and finally the little outro is riff 1a