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No More Chords

These are the chords for Bob Seger's brilliant song "No More" from the album "Face The Promise"(2006).

its just the chords, but it's easy to put them to the lyrics, only because I can't be
doing it for you. Listen to the song for strumming patterns and timing> Here goes:

Key: A  Timing: 4/4
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Intro/outro- |A|(ad infinitum)
Verse/Violin solo-|A|E|A|A| (x2) |D|E|F#m|D|
Chorus-|D|A|D|A|D|A  E  |A|

There you go, it's 100% correct, you'll need to sort out the timing for the |A  E  |
of the chorus for yourself, but this is accurate.

Not the most difficult song to play, but very effective.  This was also my first submit
the site.  Thanks for reading.