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Fire Lake Chords


A            E                     F#m       G#m  A
Who's gonna ride that chrome three wheeler
             E                   F#m         G#m  A
Who's gonna make that first mistake
             E                   F#m         G#m  A
Who wants to wear those gypsy leathers
           E         F#m         G#m    A
All the way to Fire lake

Who wants to break the news about uncle Joe
You remember uncle Joe  He was the one afraid to cut the cake
Whho wants to tell poor aunt Sarah
Joe's run off to Fire Lake
Joe's run off to Fire Lake


D                        C#m             F#m
Who wants to brave those bronze beauties  lying in the sun
           C#m             Bm7     Bm
With their long soft hair fallin'     flyin' as they run
        D                     Dmaj7
oh they smile so shy and they flirt so well
         A                                E
and they lay you down so fast   till you look straight up and say

Oh Lord am I really here at last

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Who wants to play those eights and aces

Who needs a raise  Who needs a stake

Who wants to take that long shot gamble

And head out to Fire Lake

Chord Charts

   A	   E	 F#m	 G#m	  D	 C#m	 Bm7	 Bm	Dmaj7
E|-0-	E|-0-	E|-2-	E|-4-	E|-2-	E|-4-	E|-2-	E|-2-	E|-2-
B|-2-	B|-0-	B|-2-	B|-4-	B|-3-	B|-5-	B|-3-	B|-3-	B|-2-
G|-2-	G|-1-	G|-2-	G|-4-	G|-2-	G|-6-	G|-2-	G|-4-	G|-2-
D|-2-	D|-2-	D|-4-	D|-6-	D|-0-	D|-6-	D|-4-	D|-4-	D|-0-
A|-0-	A|-2-	A|-4-	A|-6-	A|-x-	A|-4-	A|-2-	A|-2-	A|-x-
E|-x-	E|-0-	E|-2-	E|-4-	E|-X-	E|-x-	E|-x-	E|-x-	E|-X-

Tabbed by: Eric Robbins
Im not 100% sure of the G#m, it might be just a G# note they are hitting
on the fourth fret on the low E string, its up to you to really decide
If you want to add on to it, just email me.