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Turn Your Lights Down Low Tab

Turn your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill
Tabbed by: Wack Strings

Tuning: Standard

Comments before-hand: This is the way I play it. And it's the exact rhythm and chord 
but it's a little higher pitched in a way, I guess. There's a few ways you can play this 
or if you want to strum it and sing along to it, that'll work too.

Whatever numbers are in brackets: (    ) mean that it is an option to play this. You 
have to, but it may improve the sound quality of the song. It is suggested though.

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
| * Let Ring
[ Tab from: ]
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------12*-------------10*-----------8*---(8-7h8p7)----------------|
G --------12--------------11------------9----------------(9-7)-----------|
D -----12------------12------------9-------------------------------------|
A --10----------9-------------7------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

E --------------------------------------------------------|
B ----------------------------------------5*--------------|
G -------------9*-----------7*----------5-----------------|
D ---------10------------9-----------7--------------------|
A -----10-------------9------------7----------------------|
E --8-------------7-------------5-------------------------|

Chord Progression (Alternative): You can play the song like this, or like the tab above. 
them if you find it necessary.

   G       D     Em    C
E -3*------2*----0*----0*--2*---0*--------------------------|
B -3-------3-----0-----1---3----1---------------------------|
G -0-------2-----0-----0---4----2---------------------------|
D -0-------0-----2-----2---4----2---------------------------|
A -2-------------2-----3---2----0---------------------------|
E -3------(2)----0------------------------------------------|

Repeat as much as needed. Enjoy and have fun with this!