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Desolation Row Chords

Here's the first verse of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row, off of his Highway 61 Revisited
album.  You can just apply these chords to the rest of the song, because I don't feel
like typing out 11 minute's worth of lyrics.

First of all, sometimes when he's playing the E chord, he throws in what I believe is
called an Esus4 which is played like this:


You sort of have to listen to the song to know when he does it.

So, here's the chords.

E Esus4 E Esus4 E Esus4 E

They're selling post cards of the hanging,

        A                      E
They're painting the passports brown.

The beauty parlor is filled with sailors,
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A                   E
The circus is in town.

Here comes the blind commissioner,

        A             E
They've got him in a trance.

One hand is tied to the tightrope walker,

A                    E
The other is in his pants.

And the riot squad, they're restless,

     E                 A
They need somewhere to go.

   E               B7
As lady and I look out tonight,

A               E
From Desolation Row.
E:              A:              B7:
e|-----0-----|  e|-----0-----|  e|-----2-----|
B|-----0-----|  B|-----2-----|  B|-----0-----|
G|-----1-----|  G|-----2-----|  G|-----2-----|
D|-----2-----|  D|-----2-----|  D|-----1-----|
A|-----2-----|  A|-----0-----|  A|-----2-----|
E|-----0-----|  E|-----x-----|  E|-----x-----|