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Tears Tab

“Tears”  By: Michael Boardman
Original Piece
“This was written for an ex-girlfriend of mine who is probably one of my all time best friends who I still love and care about, and her struggle in a period of her life”
G                    C         Em
She’s staring out the window
     D			C
Tears Flooding her eyes

Can’t escape the pain and torture, she has received

She looks for answers but cannot find the truth

She looks to things of the world with her questions

But she, only receives crudeness in return

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Chorus:  She can’t see through the tears filling in her eyes
She doesn’t know what she needs
But what she needs is Christ

She takes the knife and brings it to her wrist

Presses down to end her life , but right before the knife could cut, she hears this voice


Chorus:Listen here my child

I will wipe your tears away

I will be here, in the midst of your fray

I will embrace you, and I will take you under my wing

If you will take me into your heart

Well that changed that girls life forever that day

She now leads a happy life

And its for God

Same Chord Progession all of the way through….I love this song I hope you like it!!!