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Duvet Chords

  This version is mostly from the acoustic version which i used to study by
This is the correct lay out for the most part for both the acoustic and standard
versions of the song.

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G Bm  Em Bm
Listen to the song for rythem and timing, the acoustic version is better to use.
Carry the Bm strum pattern into the chorus than start with the Em
Bm Em Bm G Bm Em Bm G
Preferably Bar chords for the chorus, except for the em,
Play the bass strings more so than the treble

For the second chorus
Bm Em Bm G Bm Em Bm G 
Carry the G to the second part of the chorus like you did with the Bm
G Em Bm G Bm Em Bm G

The interlude or break part


The outro is the same as the second chorus
Hey... part use Em