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Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 01:04:14 +0100
From: Ben Smith 
Subject: b/bmx_bandits/little_hands.crd

Little Hands - BMX Bandits

Transcribed by Ben Smith (

Capo Fret 2

Play the chords as normal eg. D = E

This was worked out from an acoustic radio set they did on the Mark
Radcliffe show on Radio 1, so there may be differences between this and the
single. Or maybe not.

D G x4
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Verse 1:
D              E
The first time that I saw you
G    D/F# Em
>From the stage
D           E
I liked the way you were moving
G       D/F# Em   D  A7   G   A7   G
I liked your little face

I felt really happy
You liked the band
It felt good to watch you
Clap your little hands

A7 - G bit

D       C      G        A
I don't want a girl for fun
D       C    G    A
I don't want just anyone
G        A
Trust in me
G              A
I'll take your little hand

Repeat intro

Verse 2:
So won't you send your lovin'
Across the sea
Won't you put it in a letter
And send it off to me

A7 - G bit


A7 - G


D/F# - 200232