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Sweet Song Chords

Song - Sweet Song
Band - Blur
Composer - Alex James
Tabbed By - James Davies (

This is a fantastic song probably my favourite on the album which is also fantastic.
Ok the chords are on an acoustic guitar, I think a classical (nylon string), and are
finger picked in apeggio's


|Eb Eb/D |Eb Eb/D |

Verse 1
Eb      Eb/D Cm  Bb
What am I to do
Ab         Bb
Someone is really unhappy
Eb    Eb/D      Cm  Bb
Put myself on a knife
Ab            Bb                   Ab
It seems I'll never get through to you
(still Ab)              Eb
So I'll weam myself off slowly

Verse 2 (same chords)
I'm a darkened soul
My street's all pop music and coke
All our lives on tv
Just switch off and try to sleep
People get so lonely
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Chorus (for want of a better name)
Fm             Bb  
I believe, I believe, I believe
Gm           F#     Fm
Everything's out to see (sea?)
Fm             Bb
I believe, I believe, I believe
Gm                 F#            Fm
I believe it's the way it should be
Fm                  Bb 
I hope you feel the same

Verse 3
Everyone is dying
Stop crying now here comes the sun
I didn't mean to hurt you, oh no no
It takes time to see what you've done
So I'll wean myself off slowly

Chorus 2
I believe, I believe, I believe
Love is the only one
I deceive, I deceive, I deceive
I deceive cos I'm not that strong
I hope you feel the same

Gm  F   Eb  Bb
And now, now It seems that
Gm   F       Eb   Bb
It's falling apart
      Gm             F
But I hope I see the good in you
Eb        Bb
Come back again
Cm      Bb         Eb
I just believed in you 

Outro (begins on "you")
|Eb Eb/D |Cm Bb |Ab   |Bb  |Eb   |