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Stereotypes Chords

The suburbs they are dreaming
They are a twinkle in her eye
Abm                G
She's been feeling frisky
Since her husband said goodbye
She wears a low cut t-shirt runs a little B&B
       Abm        G                    F#
She's most accomodating when she's in her lingerie
Wife swapping is the future
You know that it would suit you
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Yes, they're stereotypes
There must be something more to life
Abm                  E     B
All you life you are dreaming
             E     B
And then you stop dreaming
From time to time you know
    D                    E
You should be going on another bender

The suburbs they are sleeping
But she's dressing up tonight
Abm                    G       F#
She likes a man in uniform he loves to wear it tight
They are on the lovers sofa they are on the patio
      Abm             G             F#
And when the fun is over watch themselves on video

The neighbours may be staring
But they are just past caring