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Jubilee Acoustic Chords

This is based on the performance they did on MTV Most Wanted (or something like that)

Chords are played in a straight rhythm, upstrokes and downstrokes, however with each bar
mute the strings on the upstroke.  Just listen to the song, you'll figure it out.

For the intro and the break with the computer noises, just play the A chord.

(the F and G are played as barre chords)

A                E
Jubilee slouches in the settee

D                        F    G
He losing all will to move

A            E
He gone divy too much telly

D                             F   G
He watching 24 hours of rubbish

A             E
He got butane he got plastic bags

D                               F   G
His eyes are going square oh yeah

A           E
He no raver just anti social
[ Tab from: ]
D                    F    G
He no going to cut his hair

Now instead of muting the first of the four chords in each bar, you play it one semitone down
and then slide up.  Once again, listen to the song and it'll make perfect sense.  And by
way, the whole chorus is A-shape barre chords.

C#sD                                    D#sE
He dresses incorrectly, no one told him seventeen.  He not mean enough.

C#sD                                    D#sE
He dresses incorrectly, no one told him seventeen.

      C             Bb
He no keen on being like anyone else.


C                         Bb
He not keen on being like anyone.

C                   Bb
He's not being like anyone.

C                  Bb     C
Jubilee's not like anyone else.

And that's basically it.  Any comments or questions are welcomed.  Just post them right 
there at the top, I'll check it out.