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Shoot The Moon Chords

SHOOT THE MOON - Hugh Blumenfeld
From "Rocket Science"

Capo 2nd Fret

(The timing is a little difficult, and the higher strings aren't really heavily sounded 
the verse Em-D/F#-C vamp. Purchase Hugh's fine recording at 
to better understand it...)

     Em                D/F#           C
When I was young all I wanted was the moon
          Em          D/F#              C
Hung that National Geographic map in my room
   G                Bm
In seventh grade, Mythology 101
They called me Little Endymion
C                 -
- You remember me now

Space was the object of all my country's desire
And the skies of my childhood were laced with launching pad fire
And I was the boy who stood under streetlamps at night
Waiting for those strange blue lights
To take me away
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G  D             C
     - Shoot the moon
     Set me down in the Sea of Tranquility
     Just the stars and me
     - Shoot the moon
     Give me a home in the 21st century
       G      G/F#      Em
     A little less gravity
     I could fall free
               Em    D/F#   C
     Shoot the moon

If I'd been ten years older, I might have been tripping on Yasgur's farm
But I probably would have been a Phantom flying over Viet Nam
In a dream of altitudes where the blue turns black
And never looking back
At the pieces on the ground

Bm                                   Em       Emsus2
  But I saw the choppers rise out of Saigon's fall
         Bm                                Em         Emsus2
  And my fingers traced the writing on the long black wall
        Bm                                  F
  And I knew there'd be no spaceships in my future
                G                 D                C
  I guess I was born a little too late, or way too soon...

- Shoot the moon.... we could fall free

Well, a quarter of a million miles isn't really that far
It took me two Chevy's, but I've done it in a car
Driving from town to town with this old guitar
Made in 1969
One small step for mankind

- Shoot the moon.... it is my destiny

 1997 Hugh Blumenfeld/Hydrogen Jukebox Music (ASCAP)

Hugh - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Dann - electric guitars, bass, drums, vocals
Shane Shanahan - percussion