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From Wed Apr  9 12:51:12 1997
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 23:12:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Clare White 
Subject: Optimistic Thought(Blues Traveler)

I figured out this song a few years ago by studying Chan's hands at a
concert in Providence.  
   It's from the album Travelers and Thieves (a work of genius!)the only
difference in the playing is that on the last verse on the album, everything
is shifted up one half-step.

Optimistic Thought
by Blues Traveler
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        A          D        A           D       E       A   
When she wakes it seems so shady, she remembers she's a lady
      F#m               E              A      D      E 
Oh but could it be that maybe she was having lots of fun
     A           D       A             D       E       A
She sees she's wearing leather, in her navel there's a feather
      F#m                E                   A        D      A
She just has to crack a smile and close her eyes her prayer begun

A    D   A                   D     E    A   
Life I embrace you, I shall honor and disgrace you 
         F#m          E 
Please forgive if I replace you 
              A      D          E
You see I'm going through some pain
    A    D     A                D       E      A
But now I see clearly, and the dawn is coming nearly
                F#m            E       
And though I'm human and it's early 
               A     D     A
I swear I'll never forget again

An explorer he went wandering 
To satisfy his pondering 
Basically meandering 
Unsure of what he'd find
Braving any danger
But to his family he's a stranger
And from time to time he turns around
And this runs through his mind


There's a multitude of story
Some is clean and some are gory
But there is no need to worry 
If you're sold or if you're bought
We're just spinning on some granite
That we like to call a planet 
And if you need to contemplate
Well here's an optimistic thought
Clare White
Colt-Andrews School, Grade 4
Bristol, RI    USA