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From: VETTERS@VAX1.ELON.EDU (Steve Vetter  )
Date: 11 Jun 1995 02:08:50 GMT
Subject: CRD: Just Wait - Blues Traveler

Just Wait - Blues Traveler
Tabbed by Steve Vetter []

D:		xx0232
Dsus4 (Ds):	xx0233

Each |  | represents a measure

|C | G | D | D Ds D Ds D |
|C | G | F | F           |
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C          G                   D      D Ds D Ds D
If you are feeling like you're tired
C            G                      F               F
And all your uphill struggles leave headed downhill
C                   G                  D        D Ds D Ds D
If you realize your wildest dreams can hurt you
C                    G        F                F
And you appetite for pain has drinken its fill

I ask of you a very simple question
Did you think for one minute that you are alone
And is your suffering a privilege you share only
Or did you think that everybody else feels completely at home

Just wait
Just wait
Just wait
And it will come

If think I've given up on your you're crazy
And if you think I don't love you well then you're just wrong
In time you just might take to feeling better
Time is the beauty of the road being long

I know that now you feel no consolation
But maybe if I told you and informed you out loud
I say this without fear of hesitation
I can honestly tell you that you make me proud

Just wait
Just wait
Just wait
And it will come
Just wait
Just wait
Just wait
And it will come

If anything I might have just said has helped you
If anything I might have just said has just helped you carry on
Your rise uphill may no longer seem a struggle
And your appetite for pain may all be gone

I hope for you and cannot stop hoping
Until that smile has once again returned to your face
There's no such thing as  a failure who keeps on trying
coasting to the bottom is the only disgrace

chorus X 3