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Rose-coloured Glasses Tab

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For all you BLue Rodeo fans out there (including the apparently
large group of you Americans who follow the band - good on you!), I
thought I would post the lyrics/chords and ohmigosh TAB to
the first song I ever heard, and IMO, the very best one (out of
the dozens of VERY good/great tunes that they have put out over

Note: this is my first ever TAB (yay!!!), so it is a bit ruff, and
in some minor cases, a bit incomplete. Nevertheless it should
give most people a real good start on learning more than just the
chords to the song. So, without further ado....

		Rose-Coloured GLasses
		      BLUE RODEO

	off their first album, Outskirts (1986)

In standard tuning:   song is in the key of E

Intro: Play this 12 times, then strum the E chord once

WHile someone is doing the above, on third time in the following
intro riff is played by Keelor:


Fill One (F1)

g ---9-8-6p4-4---9-8-6p4-4-2--
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The Song:  After intro riff, start verse 1:

E	      A                          B/F1     (re: F1 = fill)
She sees the world through rose-coloured glasses
E	A		    B/F1
Painted skies and graceful romances
  A		      B
I see a world that's tired and scared 
  Abm			   A/F1
Of living on the edge too long
A		    B
Where does she get off telling me
    Abm                A/F1             B/F1
That love will save us all	Save us all

(Note: the fills do change a little bit sometimes, but no big deal!)

Verse 2 (as verse 1)

She takes my hand and leads me to nowhere town
No matter where I stand it's always neutral ground
And in the cool of the evening blue
I feel so tired and alone
Where does she gett off telling me 
That love can save us all	Save us all
        E         A	      B
And its day after day  I keep hangin around can you tell me why
E	     A         B
Night after night I know I should leave
But there's something in those eyes
		B		A/F1
That keeps me hangin on   Im hypnotized
   B                       A          E
It breaks my heart and I dont know why

SOlo: The song is in the key of E, so just muck around withit
using the notes of the fill and whatever!  The beginning
of the solo, just to get you started, is:

g -7777-5---775h7-5-2----

Repeat Verse 1, then chorus

note: after this line, this part is played by Greg:

"Day after day after day after day  And I dont know why...

Intro bass riff, and

-g---99-8-6-4---2-1-2-4--99-8-6-4--2-1-2-4----22-1-2--22-1-2--b7p5-4-2h1 E

Well there you have it! If anyone has corections/suggestions, please
give em to me! (its the only way I'll learn!!!!!)

Thanks for your time,

Stuck in Yellowknife!!