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From: (Frank Semrau)

Blue Rodeo:  Montreal

We met in Montreal far from the crime
moving in circles running with so little time.
A/D                     G/C
Sat and we talked about rumours and lies,
stayed till the sun hit the floor.

You wore the dress from the old market stall
people and places said you forgetting them all.
A/D               G/C
I don't know if I believed you or not
as I stared at you outside your door.

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Those were the times that was our life,
I probably wouldn't change one little thing if I tried.
G/C                                               A/D
Moments together mapped out like the stars in the sky.
G/C               A/D           D/G G/C          A/D        D/G
Now you're in the things that I do, still I miss talking to you.

Late in your bed you said don't you be sad
think of how lucky we are for the things that we've had.
A/D                       G/C
Life that's around me I'm letting it go
but you stay up here in my head.

Those were the times that was our life ....

    ./\.       "Der Frank, der war in Kanada ... es war aber kana da!"
 _|\|  |/|_
 \        /
     ||         Frank W. Semrau (2:2480/76.95) Point 95 der DO IT!