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From: (redgreen)

HASN'T HIT ME YET             (CAPO 1)                 BLUE RODEO

INTRO:  D/D/Em/C x2

G                   D
You say that you're leaving
          Em            C
Well that comes as no suprise
G                       D
Still I kinda like this feelin
   Em           C-Bm-A
Of being left behind
Yea this aint nothin new to me
Well it's just like goin home
It's kinda like those sunsets
That leave you feelin
So stoned
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     Em  G              D             A
     Hey Hey I guess it hasn't hit me yet
     Em               G
     I fell thru this crack
           D             A
     And I kinda lost my head
     Em      G
     I stand transfixed 
       D                A
     Before this street light
     Em           G                 D -A            D/D/Em/C x2
     Watching the snow fall on this co-old December night

I never thought this could happen
But somehow the feeling is gone
You got sick of the patterns
And I got lost in this song

CHORUS, SOLO (verse chord progression)

CHORUS, then:  
Em             G              D     A....
And out in the middle of Lake Ontario
    Em           G
The same snow is falling
       Em          G
On the deep silent water
    Em         G
The great dark wonder
G        D           A
Into the waves of my heart
G        D           A
Into the waves of my heart
      D/D/Em/C, D/D/Em/C-Bm-A
of my heart

"A hush settles over the snowy landscape
Broken only by the sound of frozen trees exploding"            -Red Green