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Italian Radio Chords

Blue October
"Italian Radio"

I noticed that there aren't many BO tabs out there so here's a
song off there first albumn, "The Answeres"

Intro: Am  F  C  G
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Am                        F   
I ended the book that I'm writing.
C                              G  
The part about you I'm tearing it out.
Am                        F
A simple good night stop fighting.
C                            G
There's nothing left to even read about.
Am                       F
I'm leaving you here my darling.
C                                 G                            
To search for a better and easier way out.
Am                            F   
And wall up the pain that I'm causing.
C                           G      
Ther's nothing left to even sing about.

It never really changes from this chord pattern,
so repeat ad nauseum