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Mountain Girl Chords

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 18:01:39 EST
Subject: Fwd: CRD: mountain_girl by Blue Mountain

Song: Mountain Girl
Artist: Blue Mountain
Album: Dog Days
Tabbed by:  Julie Moffitt 

I noticed there aren't any Blue Mountain songs are on OLGA so I thought
I would put one up and see if someone else out there has any.
I read somewhere that this is really played in DGDGAD tuning
but I worked this out in standard tuning.  Let me know
what you think!
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I don't know what chords exactly these are named so I'm
just naming them G(1), G(2) and G(3)  If you use your
pinky on the high G it is pretty easy.  Listen to the
song to get the rhythm right. There's more to
this that needs to be tabbed out maybe someone can use
this for a starting point.
    G1    G2    G3
e    3     3     3
B    0     0     3
G    0     2     0
D    0     0     0
A    x     x     x 
E    3     3     3


G(1) G(2) G(3) Em D Am }2X

Verse 1:
Does anyone remember
Does anybody care
The days we danced together
With feathers in our hair
Rivers ran together
To sing a crystal tune
Stones skipped on the water
Circles around the moon
Em           Bm
Oooh hey yea yea
When the full moon shines
The mountain pines are swaying
Em        Bm
Oooh yeah yea
Close your eyes and listen
To the guitars playing 

G(like intro) Em D Am }2X

Verse 2:
(same chords as Verse 1)
Built a box together, filled it full of songs
and buried it on the mountain beneath a pile of bones
Then we said goodbye forever, to the hell that was our home
and set out across the flatlands, for 40 years to roam

Repeat Chours

Outro: G(like intro) Em D Am }2X