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Either Way It Goes Chords

Either Way It Goes, Blue Merle

A Beautiful song by a great group.

Most of these chords are hammer-ons, listen to the song for timing.

Em7  Am7 Dm
-0-  -0- -1-
-0-  -1- -3-
-0-  -0- -2-
-0-  -2- -0-
-2-  -0- -0-
-0-  -0- -0-
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Em7   Am7
Come on come on
Why can't you tell me now
Tell me why
It's been so hard to find you
Em7  Am7
You know I know
So come on and let it out
It's hard to tell
What's going on inside of you

F  G  C  
I didn't mean to let you down
F  G  C
But sometimes even angels hit the ground
C  G  C
I just wanted you to know
F  G  C
I'm yours either way it goes

Enjoy- Steve