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The Hunter Tab

Classic song of a rockband of the 60's.
This is The Hunter, by Blue Cheer.

Tuning: EADGBE


E |----7-7-7-7------12---------7-7-7-7------12-----|
B |--/9-9-9-9-9\\---15b------/9-9-9-9-9\\---15b----|
G |------------------------------------------------| 
D |------------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------|

E |----7-7-7-7------12---------7-7-7-7------12-----|
B |--/9-9-9-9-9\\---15b------/9-9-9-9-9\\---15b\---| Bend the last note up 
G |------------------------------------------------| and down and slide off.
D |------------------------------------------------| You'll know what to do
A |------------------------------------------------| if you'll just listen to
E |------------------------------------------------| the song.
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   A     C     D      A   G    E
E |-------------------------------|
B |2-----5-----7------2-----------|
G |2-----5-----7------2---4-------|          Listen to the song
D |2-----5-----7------2---5----2--|             and you'll find out
A |0-----3-----5------0---5----2--|                the strumming 
E |-----------------------3----0--|                     pattern.

   D   F    G      D   C   A 
E |------------------------------|   
B |7---10---12-----7---5---2-----| X2  then repeat and play the 'Verse' 
G |7---10---12-----7---5---2-----|     a couple of times and repeat 
D |7---10---12-----7---5---2-----|     'Chorus' 1 times.
A |5---8----10-----5---3---0-----|
E |------------------------------|
   D             A      
E |---------------------|
B |7--------------------|
G |7-------------6------|
D |7-------------7------|
A |5-------------7------|
E |--------------5------|

Then repeat the intro but without the bends, they are done by a second guitar.

Then play the intro a bit more staccato.

Chorus again.

The rhythm for the solo is a bit of 'Verse' and a bit of 'Chorus'.

Good luck!