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From: Sagi Assaf 

The Blue Aeroplanes - Love Come Round (from "Swagger")

[Intro :] A D G D A D G }*2

[The next bit :]
    D   G              D   G              D    Bm  C    A

[Verse : (with the Rhythm Figure above) :]

D                     G                  D                      G
They say you hurt the ones you love, but I don't think it's true
    D                               Bm
The ones you love, they're just the most prepared
      C           A          D
To be hurt by the things you do.
[ Tab from: ]
D         G 
So why so bitter, sweet thing ?
D                  G
Why so up in arms ?
D                      Bm             C            A
It's only your lover's sympathies, his misdirected charms
     D                G               D                G
That keep you angered and upset, that keep you in alarm
      D                   Bm          C        A       D    C A D
But I see it's still your practice to hold him in your arms.

[Chorus :]
A         D         G      D
Love come round and let me see
       A      D          G
That a love unbound is a dangerous territory
A         D         G      D
Love come round and let me know
That a love unbound won't let you go.

[Same chords, from now on :]
Now, your hair is like my lover's hair
Your style is like her style
When you smile, your eyes are hers
Yeah, when she used to smile
Your hips are like my lover's hips
Your lips are like hers when she grins
But your skin is like no other skin
I've ever felt or ever will.
Love come round and...

[Bridge :]

G Gm       F
      Well I woke up this morning
  Bb                                      E
I walked around the corner to this little cafe
Yeah, suddenly, love came round the corner and hit me

Look out, look out, look out, look out !

Well, there are a thousand questions you could ask me
But you only need one question to pin love in a lie
Yeah, you should know what love is when it looks you in the eye
When it looks you in the eye.
Love come round and...

Let me go ! }* a number of times

[Ending :] A D G D A

- Transcribed by Assaf Sagi, 28/09/94 -