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The Vagina Song Tab

Hi there!! I think this is such a phat song so i thoght i would find 
the tab from this website. There was a tab which was pretty good but
it didn't sound rite so i figured out for myself which was so easy!
Enjoi amigos!!!!!!!!
Title: The vagina song
Artist: The Bloodhound Gang
Album: Hooray for boobies(great album, get it!)
Tabbed by: Stu

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   D----9-9-9-4-7-7-7-11-9-9-9-4-7-7-7-11-(and so on)--------------
   A----9-9-9-4-7-7-7-11-9-9-9-4-7-7-7-11-(and so on)--------------
   E----7-7-7-2-5-5-5--9-7-7-7-2-5-5-5--9-(and so on)--------------

       It really is that simple dudes and dudettes!!!!!!
       For picking part, look at tab 1. I think thats 
       almost spot on! C yaal l8er!

Bloodhound gang rulz and so do blink 182!