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Along Comes Mary Tab

Song: Along comes Mary
Artist: The Bloodhound Gang
Album: Hooray for Boobies #16
Tabbed by:Devil

This song is pretty simple. But if there are problems or questions send me an E-Mail.
The order in wich you have to play the parts is under the tabs.

Use a Heavy distortion

Intro                                  Chorus1        
  6x   2x  6x  2x  6x  2x  6x  2x       8x  8x        
e----------------------------------  I---------- I 
b----------------------------------  I---------- I
g------5---7---5---8---7---5---7---  I---------- I 
d--5---5---7---5---8---7---5---7---  I--5---7--- I 
a--5---3---5---3---6---5---3---5---  I--5---7--- I
E--3-------------------------------  I--3---5--- I
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 Chorus2                  Chorus3

   2x  2x  2x  2x      2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x
e------------------ I--------------------------I
b------------------ I--------------------------I
g------7---8---5--- I--7--8--7--5--7-----7--3--I
d--5---7---8---5--- I--7--8--7--5--7--5--7--3--I
a--5---5---6---3--- I--5--6--5--3--5--5--5--1--I
E--3--------------- I-----------------3--------I


      2x   8x   8x   8x   6x
e---------------------- I
b---------------------- I
g---7---8---5---7---3-- I
d---7---8---5---7---3-- I
a---5---6---3---5---1-- I
E---------------------- I


Intro         2x
Chorus1       6x
Chorus1             play 3 times

Intro         2x
Chorus3       2x
Chorus1       4x
Outro         2x

Have much fun !!!