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Savage Tab

This is a song from my band blood ridden


This is the intro played with heavy distortion

Here s the actually lyrics and chords played

Its quite simple but sounds amazing


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(verse 1)
g    em     c          d
This life dont take me seriously
g      em   c       f
Im sick of everyone trying
f#    c      e
To piss me off

(use intro for this next verse)

(verse 2)

Im trying to hold it all inside

Ill break 

Into pieces

Theres no place left to hide

(verse 3)
g         em      d    g
Savage...I dont give a shit
g     em   d    g
Failed anger management
Now im back outside 
em    g    d
To find my life
Crumbling down around
c em  f
Not to long
e          d
Theres the edge
b     e       c
Im sick and tired
a5      b5
Stoned and savage