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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:55:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Michael James 
Subject: b/blood_chunk/surgical_buffet.crd

Transcribed by Michael James 

Surgical Buffet: by "Blood Chunk"
Written, Produced & Recorded by "Mikey Mayhem" and "Davey Death" (Copyright Protected)
Released through the facilities of "M&D James Productions".
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	 G	             C
Surgical buffet,   I eat everyday
		  A 				 D
I love to eat the guts,	But the best part is the nuts

		  G			     C
Crock pot full of gore,	I lick blood off the floor
	      A			    D
I slice up my wife,  With my trusty knife

	       G			 C
Scalped with a fork,  Tastes better than pork
		   A			 D
Teeth marks in the skin,  Soon we'll dig in
In our surgical buffet...


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