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I Still Remember Acoustic Tab

               I Still Remember - Bloc Party

Tabbed by: MiKi

I managed to tabs this awesome song watching their acoustic set from and i 
it\'s almost perfect, I\'d say this is what Russell actually plays. So enjoy it!


D       xx0232
Dsus2   xx0230
G6      320030 ó  x55430
Asus4   x02230
Dsus2/B x20230
B       x24432
G       355433
D5      x577xx
E5      x799xx
F#5     x91111xx
Em      022000
F#7     x44320

Tuning: Standard


G|----7--------7----6-------7----2----- 2--2----2------2-------x2-----------|

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D       G6   Asus4  Dsus2/B   Dsus2
D               G6  Asus4 Dsus2/B  Dsus2
I still remember
D                            G6  Asus4  Dsus2/B  Dsus2
How you looked that afternoon
D                 G6  Asus4  Dsus2/B  Dsus2
There was only you
D      G6  Asus4   Dsus2/B    Dsus2      D
You said \"it\'s just like a full moon\"
G6         Asus4     Dsus2/B   Dsus2
Blood beats faster in our veins
D     G6  Asus4  Dsus2/B   Dsus2     D
We left our trousers by the canal
G6         Asus4    Dsus2/B    Dsus2
And our fingers, they almost touched

Dsus2                    B   G   D5
You should have asked me for it
E5                 F#5    B   G
I would have been brave
D5       E5        F#5       B   G
You should have asked me for it
D5   E5        F#5   B   G   D5
How could I say no?

E5  F#5  B      G         D5
And our love could have soared
E5  F#5  B     G      D5
Over playgrounds and rooftops
E5 F#5    B         G         D5
Every park bench screams your name
Em      F#7    G6.......
I kept your tie

I\'d have gone wherever you wanted


(I still remember)

The rest is exactly the same, just get the correct timing for the voice and you\'ll get it.

And on that teachers\' training day
We wrote our names on every train
Laughed at the people off to work
So monochrome and so lukewarm

And I can see our days are becoming night
I could feel your heartbeat across the grass
We should have run, I would go with you anywhere
I should have kissed you by the water

You should have asked me for it…

And our love could have soared…

I\'d have let you if you asked me

I still remember