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Fentoozler Tab

Tabbed By Scriv
Artist : Blink 182
Album : Buddha & Cheshire Cat
Song : Fentoozler

Standard Tuning EBGDAE

I am SERIOUSLY SHIT at tabs. I can never get things to soudn right, But
I have Been Searching Everywhere for this tab and I can't find it so I thot i'd
Give It a Bash....e-mail corrections PLEASE to

(intro played with heavy distortion)
E---------------------{          E----------------------------------
B---------------------{          B----------------------------------
G----4 (x3)---------{     (x 2)  G----4(x3)--6(x3)--9(x3)--9--8--4--
D----4---------6(4)--{           D----4-------6-------9----9--8--4--
A----2---------6------{          A----2-------4-------7----7--6--2--
E--------------4------{          E----------------------------------

that part i am almost certain is correct...not 100% certain though..
the next part i am not so sure about but i'll give it a try anyways
[ Tab from: ]
E-----------------------------------------------------      E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B---------------------------------------------------       B--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G----4--4(x4 muted)----------------------------- (x2)      G----4--4 (x4 muted)--6--6(x4 muted)--9--9(x4 muted)--9--8--4    
D----4--4------------------6--6(x4 muted)------            D----4--4------------------6--6-------9--9------------9--8--4
A----2--2------------------6--6--------------              A----2--2------------------4--4-------7--7------------7--6--2
E--------------------------4--4-----------------           E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

That's All I can work out...I hope it's right for you cos it sounds right to me..and again
Please send corrections/money/hot chicks/ ADSL to