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13 Miles Chords

                            13 miles - Blink 182

tabbed by Jonte (

A song Mark wrote and they only play it live. It`s really easy too.
this is my first tab and ive only played for less than 6 months. 
So if you don`t agree just mail me.

Download the song from napster so you can listen to the tempo.


    G   D   C

|------- 7---5-----|

[ Tab from: ]
G                 D                     C
13 miles down the road theres a young boy
G                           D                           C
Hes got jack black hair and blue-green eyes and hes mine 
G                         D                 C          
And every now and then he and I will sit together on my porch
G                        D                  C
And I take off his and I fuck him from behind
G              D                 C
And I love him for his heart and soul
G              D                 C
And I love his wrinkles road up to
G                D                    C
So if you see us passing by and starts rarry any day
G               D             C(hit one time then p.m.)
Take a look at the young boy and his naked
G(let ring)

(I am not very sure about the lyrics, so if you know the real thing or
to correct it copy the tab and change the lyrics and send it in).