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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 21:26 pst
Subject: tab: m&ms  by: blink

this might be confusing, think of the bassline also as a rhythm 
guitar riff and listen to the song while you play it so you
don't get TOO confused...
    Here's an attempt at that riff  (riff 1)                           
    Here's the first part   of the verse (riff 2) you might wanna use pwr
    And the 2nd part (riff 3) hit the power chord then play the riff     
intro: riff 1
riff 2 over this bassline:
E                 B              C#      A
You and I should get away for a while
E                 B              C#      A
I just wanna be alone with your smile
play riff 2 here and same bassline
E                    B                   C#        A
Grab some candy and cigarettes and we'll get in my car
E                    B           C#             A
We'll blast the stereo and we'll drive to Madagascar
         F#        A         E               B
Cuz when I'm with you there's nothing I wouldn't do
F#    A       E         B
I just wanna be yer only one 
F#            A       E                   B
I'm grasping at straws thinking back to what i saw
F#             A       E                   B
that night on the floor when we were all alone
(play riff 1)
now, same stuff... different words
(riff2 over bassline)
My love life was getting so bland
There are only so many ways i can make love with my hand
(riff 3 over same bassline)
Sometimes it makes me want to laugh
Sometimes i wanna take my toaster in the bath
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interlude: EBC#A...
(riff one over bassline that goes over final verse)
1) Always play along with the CD
2) I am not perfect (email me with corrections
3) have fun!

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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 19:14:39 PST
From: Chuck Francis 
Subject: M&M's by blink 

Song:        M&M's
Artist:      blink 182
Album:       cheshire cat
Tabbed by:   Steve Francis  (No I didn't really have to pay ten 
bucks to get my name in the credits)

I've been playing this song for a while now and reciently saw the
tab you had for it in here.  There was a lot of things wrong 
with it so I thought I'd clear it up for you a little.  Just
before song starts the high pitch squeel is this e--4-- let it 
ring a little.                                   B--5--

     FORM           Because power chords can be played on several
                    different places on the fretboard I use this
Riff                formula to be specific. The number is the fret
Verse               at which the root note is found followed by  
PreChorus           either an "e" or and "a". An "e" means put the 
Chorus              root and the E string.  An "a" means put it on
Riff                A string. Example 7a means x799xx. 7e is 799xxx  
Verse 2             There are two exceptions Pe means 022xxx and 
PreChorus 2         Pa means x022xxx.  If you dont understand I'll
Chorus              put the power chord letter name under it.
7a  strum      
Riff w/words   
end on 7a



Verse  7a  9a  11a  12a   (Its played alternating between the "A" and 
Name   E   F#  G#   A     "D" string with a little palm mute like this)


() You and I should (g)et away for a w(h)ile            ()
() I just want to (b)e alone with your s(m)ile            ()

7a for 3 bars and then A---7--9--7--9--7--6-7for 3 bars and repeat notes

(7a) Buy some andy and cigarettes and we'll get in my car(-7-9-7-9-7-6)
(7a) We'll blast the stereo and we'll drive to madagascar(-7-9-7-9-7-6)

Chorus Pe Pa Pe 2a
Names  E  A  E  B

Cause when (I)'m with (y)ou theres (n)othing I wouldn't (d)o
           (I) just want to (b)e  your only (o)ne        (2a)
           (I)'m grasping (o)ut at straws () thinking back to (w)hat I 
  saw that (n)ight on the floor when (w)e were all a(l)one        (2a).

RIFF 2 times----------------------------------------------------------

VERSE 2---------------------------------------------------------------
(same chords as 1)

() My love   (l)ife was getting so (b)land              (12a)
() There are only (s)o many ways a can (m)ake love with my (h)and.

PRECHORUS 2-----------------------------------------------------------
(same as 1)
(7a) Sometimes it makes me want to laugh (-7-9-7-9-7-6)
(7a) Sometimes I want to take my toaster in the bath(-7-9-7-9-7-6)

(same as 1)

Strum once each  Pe  2a  4a  Pa  2 X's then 7a steady strum for 8 bars
Name             E   B   C#  A

RIFF WITH WORDS-------------------------------------------------------

Who's gunna be the odd man out. I don't wanna be the odd man out.
Is this going to be the end.    Or are you going to be my new girlfriend

(end on 7a).

"If you wanna do  something right you've got to do it yourself or 
someone else will fuck it up"   Ben Weasel