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Amen Chords

artist: Blind Zero
music: Amen
album: Trigger

(intro) E  A

                   E      A
They take me for deserving

E                 A            E      A
 A single word to fade away in grace

        E                      A
I don't need no one to tell me what to do

        E               A           E
I don't need no hero to play in tune

But the preacher keeps saying

C B     E F# C
Amen my lord

        E        A    E
I don't need you

            E                       A          E  A
Telling you all the truth 'till you get imune
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            E          A                E  A
Well there comes a day you feel injured

I wanna force it

I wanna bang it

        C         B
I wanna see this world

I wanna surmount

        F#    C     B
To reach out, feel myself


C B     E F# C
Amen my lord

        E        A    E
I don't need you

(... the music continues but the choords are basically the same... listen the music to 
the rythyms right, hope you enjoy it... here's the rest of the lyric)

One more step to get away
Leaving singns of acusation
I think by myself, don't tell me how to forgive
Holy water dried on my sins, my fights, my glorys

I wanna force it, i wanna bang it, i wanna see this world
I wanna surmount, to reach out, feel myself

Amen my loord
I don't need you