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We Are The Tide Chords

Standard Tuning (Capo 4)

G (always play the G as a bar chord on the third fret)

G                                                        C
Our time was ever on the road, the riders is in what we make,
  G                                        C
Oh to hear, to hear of how in this give and take,
               D                    C           G
But hear it this way, hear it this way, alright.

   G                                              C
The war is our hearts and lovers in the band we love,
    G                                                C
We keep breaking our backs, hoping that it gives enough,
     D                             C
Oh, what do you need, what do you need,

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         G                                           C
Oh man there's ladders to the sky, building up a high rise,
         G                                           C
Oh man we won't last long but we're giving it our best try,
   D                                            C
Don't you know you're alive, you know you're alive,
                    D                   G
None of us save the day, the war it told you.

G                                                 C
Too mad, I'm in love with everybody on the city bus,
    G                                               C
Feel the push and pull, hoping that it doesn't mean much.
              D                 C
Oh what do you see, what do you see,

         G                                              C
And everybody on the street is singing like it's Sunday,
       G                                 C
So we keep inside and you look steady at me.
D      C                 D       C
Ah...                    Ah....

     G                                                      C
And we don't know what left, but we feel it's coming back soon,
        G                                                 C
So we're standing in the street staring at a blood red moon,
           D                   C
We are the tide, we are the tide,
       D                                       G
And none of us save the day, the war it told you.