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Oviedo - Blind Pilot

I kind of amalgamated this version by looking at a few other tabs
and figuring some stuff out on my own. I think it's pretty good. 
~ Damsk1849

Capo 5 - Chords relative to capo

A* x03130  (I don't know the actual name of the chord)
I like to play the F's as Fmaj7 (x33210) but F sounds good too

There's a melody that can be added on top of the intro chords, but it's 
quite simple and you're all intelligent people, so I'm sure you'll figure it

C  E  F(maj7)  G  C

Verse 1
C                                     E
The thrill here is quicker than you'd think
The way some jet-lagged bar kept pouring the wine
                           C                    G
From over their heads then sit back down again
C                               E
Four times is once too much for luck
That's how many times the clock struck
C                            G
I wandered home, saying your name

A*  C   A*

Verse 2
C                                            E
The arches here were built 'cause they don't fall
The cat dead drawls to make you feel small
          C               G
You might find your small soul
C                               E
Leave the preaching to the president

The crowd cheers, his eyes get wet
I'm full as it is, I'm full as it is
C                G
So don't feed me more

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Chorus 1
E                   F                   C
You'll be having my head, big as a birthday
       E             F                C      G
'Cause I left all my doubts on the airplane
A*                               C         G
I didn't know, I didn't know I'm not in control
A*                            C
I didn't know, I'm not invincible

(Intro chords)

Verse 3
C                                       E
And maybe some things are better left unsaid
                                F                        C        G
But if you wanted to test that, I will, yeah, I guess, I could've said
C                                      E 
But there were nights in bars that I recall
Your breath was courage laced with alcohol
           C       G
You leaned in, you said, 

Chorus 2
E                    F            C
"Make music with the chatter in here,
E                   F             C   G
And whisper all the notes in my ears."
A*                               C         G
I didn't know, I didn't know the way of my tongue
I didn't know, I didn't know what I'd done

(The structure sounds a bit odd on its own, but I'm pretty sure it's right)
C (2bars) A*(2bars)       F(2bars)  C(2bars)
A*(2bars) C(1bar) F(1bar) A*(2bars) C(2bars)

Verse 4
(C)                                   E
The lights here are softer than you'd think
The dim lit peacocks in the trees,
                                    C            G
They're hiding their eyes and their beauty, like me
C                         E 
But if my eyes were on my back
I know what I'd be looking at
                       C         G
Through every shade of brown and green

A*                              C           G
I didn't know, I didn't know it was nothing new
A*                                  C
I didn't know, I didn't know it was you